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Supercharge your website’s search functionality with searchIQ. With blazing speed get your users to what they are looking for faster than ever and get real–time analytics to help manage your content more effectively.

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What Makes searchIQ Unique?

Our powerful algorithms provide fast and accurate search results for your users. Our search is fully customizable, allowing you to prioritize relevant content. New content is catalogued instantly and with deep search your users can search any and all custom fields and custom post types.

Fully Customizable

Prioritize relevant content. Reorder search results.

Real-Time Indexing

See new content instantly.

Deep Search

Allows your users to search any and all custom fields and custom post types.


Tune search results based on what’s important to you.


Synonym aliasing allows for inexact keywords to be searched no problem.

Blazing Speed

Fast loading results keep users engaged and deliver an excellent user experience.

Real-Time Analytics

Get actionable data about your audience and your content. Allowing you to discover:

  • Top searches
  • Most-clicked results
  • Top searches with no results
  • Most popular autocompleted queries
Real-Time Analytics Graph


Search-as-you-type feature shows users exactly what they are looking for, instantly.

  • Highlights search terms in results
  • Toggle thumbnail
  • Results directly link to the post page
  • Activate the plugin and it automatically attaches to the search box, easy setup
Autocomplete Search Terms

Responsive Search Results

searchIQ automatically optimizes to give your audience a seamless cross-device experience.

  • Keep your audience engaged across all devices
  • Gather broader intelligence about your audience with data from tablet and mobile devices, no additional coding needed

Responsive Search Results

Cross Domain Search

  • Allows you to link your sites together and search across them
  • Allows you to create group(s) among your sites and search within the group
  • Provides cross-domain analytics so you know the traffic source and search keywords
  • Easy to enable and disable cross domain search
Cross Domain Search

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